The very best 5 Ways to Destroy Your Engagement Ring and How to Avoid Them

What better way to say “I Detest This Ring” than to either destroy or lose it! We have compiled a list of the most dubious and typical methods of ensuring a lost or damaged ring.

This guide can be used two ways; first for those who are actually out to damage or lose their ring, and secondly for those who want to take a few extra steps to ensure the safety and security of their most prized possession.
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#5. Lack of Security:

The Plot:
In the event that destroying your Engagement Ring is what you should do, look no further than this tactic. The easiest way to ensure the lost or damaged Engagement Ring is really a lack of a solid security system. Departing Rings out in the open and not developing a secure place to store them ensure their destruction and/or disappearance.
*Disclaimer: This tactic is for the lazy JUST

Previous Case:
This situation is so typical its occurrences are not often recorded, but rest assured, this happens every day. Rings are left out “only for a minute” and forgotten, or set on the counter only to “disappear” moments later on, never to be seen again.

How To Avoid This:
Luckily, this problem is as easy to prevent as it is to create. Place your ring in the same, safe place every single day to avoid accidentally misplacing it. There are various ways to store your jewelry securely, from lockable jewelry boxes to some high security safe. There is nothing like always knowing exactly where your bands are.

#4. In The Ocean:

The Plot:
This scheme never neglects. Wearing your Engagement Ring into any large body of water starts the opportunity to lose it, especially in the sea. It is a well known trick to run your own finger under cold water in order to remove a stuck ring. In order to compensate for the quick drop within body temperature, blood is transferred to your core from places like your fingertips, causing them to shrink. Ever heard associated with shrinkage?

Previous Case:
These stories are everywhere. People who go for a swim in a pool, a lake, or an ocean only to find their Engagement Ring missing. Most are never found.

How to prevent It:
Don’t wear your Gemstone when you swim! If you plan on going swimming, find a safe and secure place to store your ring (not on the armrest of your beach chair! ).

Bonus: Combine the cold water with some oily sun screen and you have yourself a guaranteed way to destroy that Engagement Ring!

#3. Gardening:

The Plot:
Gardening is one of the sneakiest ways to destroy that Gemstone you love so much. You are moving around a lot, sweaty, digging in dirt; what better time to accidentally drop that ring off your finger, or fixed it down in the flower bed and forget about it?

Bonus: Have a look at about the effectiveness of the abbrasive earth! Metal is not as invulnerable because you can think. Rocks and dirt can guarantee results; a scratched up and possibly broken ring!

Previous Case:
This woman got lucky. She found her ring 20 years right after she had lost it in her mothers garden (even although it was probably still badly damaged).

How To Avoid It:
Like most of the examples on this list, the simple answer would be to just not wear your Engagement Ring while you are gardening. Place your ring in the safe location before you begin that weeding!

#2. Pumping Iron:

The Plot:
This is a double whammy. The gym is one of those “no-go zones” for Wedding Rings. From slamming and knocking your ring against heavy dumbbells to people breaking into lockers, there is nowhere fast for a ring to hide in a fitness center. If you want to guarantee a lost band, bring it here!

Previous Case:
Here is a news story about a woman says the girl “never wore her rings to the gym. ” However , one day the lady was running late to work plus felt that she could just leave her wedding rings in her locker at the gym. Sure enough, the girl rings, valued at $16, 500 were gone in no time.

How To Avoid It:
If you haven’t gotten the point however, just don’t bring it to the gym in the first place! It is much easier to safely store your Engagement Ring in a safe location at your home than it is to deal with losing one.

#1. Lack of Care:

The particular Plot:
What makes this scheme rank #1 on our list? This method is notorious for how quickly it will eventually sneak up on an unsuspecting victim. Rings, like all things, get old and begin to put on. Dirt, Grime, Oils, and common daily use contributes to the continuous decline of the state of your jewelry. How fast they wear down and any permanent damage, however , is completely up to the owner and is determined by just how much care is given to the ring. Regular cleanings and inspections only will drastically reduce the chance of any kind of real damage occurring.

How To Avoid It:
Your Engagement Ring is your most valuable possession, it is important that you take care of this as such. It is a common misconception is that taking care of your rings tedious, time intensive, or expensive.

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