Escape From Daily Grind With Freedom Obtained By Renting A Car

This just happens that you will rent an automobile and go without a planned path to where your heart takes you stay a couple of nights in motels en route and will be on road again possibly alone or with somebody. This can be a way of getting away from the daily grind.

The reasons of renting an automobile are many. Some lucky people reside in areas where the public transport infrastructure is really good that you don’t need a car to go to and from your office. You don’t even need it to go to nearby areas of entertainment and outing. But in back of your mind is the thought of taking a car and flying away. But normally you are not going to buy a car for just weekend use.

Another reason to rent a car and not own the same dull model is that you can try a various car every time you rent an automobile. This gives you a chance to compare in addition and minus of various cars.

This opportunity is given by some globally companies like Hertz, Sixt and Alamo. You can reserve car directly at the website of these companies or contact a travel agent having link with them. They will give you the rent rate of desired car at the time of booking.

These big car rental companies have got new cars not older than two years. For example in Europe they don’t provide cars more than three years old. You might get a car which has done just a few hundred miles.

The funny thing will be they have varieties of cars, like small vehicles such as Peugeot 206, just a little bigger model like Volkswagen Golf, BMW 3 series and soon. When you have booked a particular car and they have no that model when you come to pick it up, they will let you have the bigger model at some price.

There are a few secret ways for getting a car a class or even two classes higher.

Firstly you should choose an office which is not very large for your pickup site. Generally they maintain one or two cars of each class.
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The internet reservations normally offer all vehicles as a routine exercise without verifying availability of vehicles in each workplace. The fact is if a class of vehicle is given away right now they will need to give you next class of car at the same price. Secondly you should select some normal car which is extremely popular smaller cars and larger cars are normally easily available due to their own factors.

You can always drive a higher class car if you are intelligent. Suppose you generally order a BMW 1 series and put a remark with your reserving that you want specifically this car. It is really an option given to customers. The BMW 1 series is much in demand and it is rarely available. If you are lucky you could be offered Audi A6, BMW 3 series at rental price of BMW 1 )

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